When Medical Intervention Doesn’t Work

When Medical Intervention Doesn’t Work

Is our present-day life affected by our past lives? Are our patterns and the limitations we feel somehow connected to events in a past life? Most people do not really know the answer to these questions, but the truth is that we all have past lives – thousands of them.

When we come through the birth canal, our memories of previous lives are often forgotten. However, there have been many children who remember their past lives. These children can speak about the life they lived prior to entering this world and can even describe what happened to them during the transition from one life to another. They remember how they died and who their family members were. Interestingly, family members from the past life are often in their current life in a different role.

As a result of the spiritual work that I do, I have seen many of my own past lives. There were many, many lives where I was persecuted and silenced because people did not want to hear the information that I spoke about. In those lives, I was either told I could no longer speak or killed. My soul remembers the treatment I received in my past lives, and that memory caused me to be very quiet in this life, though I didn’t realize the cause until I began spiritual work.

As a child, I never spoke much outside of my home. It seemed perfectly natural to me to be this way, but others always noticed how quiet I was. I can remember the teacher pointing to me when I was in second grade and saying to the other children, “why can’t you all be quiet and behave like her?” The memory of my past lives continued to affect me well into adulthood. My daughter was born with a borderline thyroid issue. This was a direct result of wounding in my throat chakra by not speaking up for myself in this lifetime, and because my daughter was so closely connected to me, she took on part of this wound herself.

Most of my spiritual journey has been about healing the effects of those past lives. It has been a constant work in progress. It is amazing to me how events that did not even happen in this life can affect us, but we hold the memories of all our lives in our DNA. Very often, when people have symptoms that will not go away regardless of medical intervention, it is something held in their bodies from a past life. It was only through the healing system that I use now, which supports my DNA as well as many other levels within my body, that I was able to begin healing my throat chakra. Healing these wounds is a constant work in progress, but I know that as I heal myself, I am also healing seven generations before me and seven generations after me. What a  wonderful gift for so many generations!

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