What will I experience during a Transference Healing Session?

You will find a Transference Healing® session to be an extremely relaxing, heartfelt, inspirational, and genuine healing experience.  During the session, the practitioner will channel the natural healing frequencies into your body and while doing so will divine and intuitively identify the underlying causes of any illness or imbalances, while applying the procedures relevant to your needs.  You will also receive a therapeutic essence from the Transference Healing® Lightbody Kit that you can take home with you to support your healing. Since Transference works on an etheric level there is no need for physical contact during the session.  For this reason, remote healings are just as effective.

Transference Healing® is suitable for the support of all ages, conditions, illnesses or needs regarding growth and spiritual empowerment.  It is a remarkably effective healing process that can be easily incorporated into your life.  It is recommended that everyone have a healing session every four-six weeks for it to be most beneficial.

Once you have booked a healing

Before the healing:
Once you have scheduled your appointment the energy starts to run.  You could have doubts/fears that begin to surface.  If this happens, it is part of the process.  You could also feel like life is very busy and may seem crazier than normal.

During a healing:
You may feel different sensations in your body.  You may see visions.  Your body temperature could change.  You will be relaxed and most people fall asleep.

After a healing:
You may be tired or energized.  You will need to drink water.   If you feel emotions come up, they are clearing in the body just allow them to surface.  Sometimes you could feel sick for 24 hours (this happens when you have made a big shift and your body is going through a purification process).

Full Transference Healing® Session

in person or remote

This comprehensive healing will create profound shifts for you.  It will support you to raise your frequencies, lift your vibration, and open your heart.   Over time it will support you to sustain wellness and longevity.

Full Advanced Transference Healing®

  • 90-minute session
  • Includes a 30-minute discussion afterwards
  • Therapeutic essence to take home to support healing
  • $150.00

Evolve Package - 3 months of Healing

  • 3 Full Advanced Transference Healing® 1x per month
  • 1 Circle of Fire for purification
  • 1 Child of Light healing
  • 1 Alchemy healing (prior to the 2nd healing)
  • $350.00 ($100.00 savings + addt’l processes)

Evolve Package - 6 months of Healing

  • 6 Full Advanced Transference Healing® 1x per month
  • 1 Circle of Fire
  • 1 Power Symbol healing or Child of Light
  • 1 Alchemy healing (prior to the 3rd healing)
  • $650.00 ($250 savings + addt’l processes)

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