Return of the Goddess

Return of the Goddess

For thousands of years masculine energy has been in control. Often, women suppress their feelings and what they truly want in order to satisfy and take care of others. Women have forgotten who they are and the strength and power they hold. Why are women giving their power away?

As a woman, have you ever stayed in a relationship or marriage when you knew it wasn’t right for you? Women convince themselves to stay in unhappy situations because they feel guilty, reasoning that they need stay for children or do not want to shame their family. We often feel like everyone will blame us if we leave. Women also make the same mistake with their jobs. We stay where we are unhappy to satisfy others or for financial reasons. Where are you in all those thoughts? What makes you happy? What is best for you?

It is time for the Goddess energy to step forward. The feminine energy has been lost for a long time, but it time to become empowered, not through the ego but through the heart. How do we do this? We must allow ourselves to truly feel what we desire, connecting to our hearts and taking action on what will make us genuinely happy.

The following exercise can help you connect with your feminine energy. Take the time to place your hands on your womb area (just below the belly button); this is your power center. Ask yourself: What are you feeling – What do you truly want. Then, connect to your heart. What is present when you connect both together? Ask yourself: Is your relationship correct for you? Are you doing the job you really want to be doing? Are you happy with yourself? Is there something you would like to change?

We must learn to operate from the heart space rather than the head or ego because the ego and heart are polar opposites. When ruled by the ego, you are controlled by the thoughts in your head. You believe in your thoughts even when they are negative or self-deprecating, trapping you in cycles of low self-esteem, fear, or lack of confidence and limiting your ability to achieve wealth. However, these are just tricks our mind plays.

When we connect to our hearts and operate from that place rather than our head, our world will start to change. This is because the feminine energy is heart-based; it is loving, flows, and holds so much beauty. It allows us to open ourselves to receive rather than always giving. It is from this space that our life begins to change. We are not victims in this world, and it is time for the feminine energy to step forward. We have the power of choice. Our heart knows what we truly desire. We have now stepped into the fifth dimension.
New Jersey –– USA