Our Magical Heart

Our Magical Heart

What does the human heart do? Is it just an organ that keeps us alive or is there something more to it? Several years ago while attending a workshop, I learned something that I was fascinated by. In utero, the first part of the fetus to form is the heart. After the heart is formed the brain grows out of the heart and then all the other parts of our body are formed. At that time, I wondered why the heart would form first.

Recently, the heart has been a focus of my work with clients, which has given me the opportunity to not only learn about what role the heart plays, but to also experience it first-hand within myself. The heart truly is the key to everything. It not only supports the self-healing process of the body and consciousness, but also the personal growth process of the soul. Connecting to and healing your own heart allows you to connect to your authentic self, to not be driven by the thoughts in your head (ego) and from that place find wisdom and joy. You cannot evolve spiritually without evolving emotionally. When our mind creates fear, our heart holds the truth.

We are at a critical time on this planet when everyone needs to start to work with the sacred space of the heart chakra. When the heart is balanced and running effectively, you will feel more fulfilled and become more compassionate towards yourself and others. The heart has a direct physiological healing response with your lungs, thymus gland, immune system, circulatory system, liver, breasts and hands. The heart gives you the ability to feel joy, unity, laughter and love. It expands your capacity to be generous, sensitive, forgiving, accepting and emotionally fulfilled enabling you to feel whole and complete.

As each of us works to open our hearts, we will begin to support each other. The heart field extends five feet beyond the body and has the capacity to entrain other hearts. When someone has an open heart and is near someone whose heart is closed, the person with the open heart will uplift the closed heart, practicing love and compassion often without even knowing it.

To begin to work on your own heart, try spending a few minutes a day to quiet your mind and bring your attention into your heart and just feel. Feeling your emotions and what is moving through your heart is the key to opening your heart chakra. Allow your heart to open, bringing white light into your heart. When we suppress our emotions, all the organs that were mentioned above are negatively affected. Remember all our thoughts and emotions are registered with the heart first, before they reach our brain.

Love is the strongest vibration, and it has the ability to heal everything. If we all made our hearts a priority in our life, how different our world would be?

New Jersey-USA