Our Cells Respond to Emotions

Our Cells Respond to Emotions

Emotions, thoughts, feelings … we all have them and they can have a profound effect on our lives. At a party recently, I heard many people expressing their emotions. Contrary to what you might expect, sadness was the prominent emotion. You might have noticed similar trends in yourself or in others lately. So, why does this seem to be a common theme recently?

From an astrological point of view, the earth is currently going through a rapid change, a type of rebirth based on the planet positions. Our bodies are also feeling the shift that is happening and we are being affected emotionally.

Many ask how can we navigate these times? Our bodies need to purify and clear so we can receive the elements filtering into the Earth and into our DNA. We must learn to go with the flow, trust the process and instead of letting your mind control you, learn to just surrender. This often sounds easy, but it is sometimes difficult to put in practice. Detaching from preconceived outcomes and trusting that all is as it should be is often the only thing we can do.

If we had the ability to look into our body every time we felt an emotion we may be very surprised at how holding on to emotions affect our cells and DNA. Masaru Emoto’s work with water is a fantastic example of the effect on our cells. His research examines the effect of thoughts and words on the molecular structure of water by viewing the crystallization of the water after exposure. Prayer and positive words, such as love or peace, create beautiful crystals whereas negative ones, such as anger, create disfigured ones. Our bodies being 60% water respond similarly; the quality of our life is directly connected to what we feel, think, and experience on a cellular level.

One emotion that people hold that does tremendous damage to our cells is fear. It is a very subtle emotion that we rarely notice because it is part of so many emotions such as being afraid of failing, being disliked, letting other people down, not being good enough and many more thoughts that all come down to the word “fear”. The key to releasing all fear is to realize we are all magnificent beings and all facets of the infinite universe. Each of us plays an integral part that makes up this universe. It is as if we are one big puzzle and we are each a piece of the puzzle. If one piece is missing the puzzle cannot be completed. Everyone has a place and a purpose in this universe. If we all realized this on some level we could release destructive emotions.

If someone were to ask me what is the one thing that truly would help each one of us I would say love yourself, laugh often, do things that bring you joy and throw in a box or two of chocolates!

New Jersey- USA