What is Transference Healing?

Transference Healing® has been gifted to humanity to support the anchoring of healing, light, love, hope, unity, faith and ascension onto the planet.  It is a divinely channeled teaching, healing and seventh dimensional ascension modality that aims to support us in our reconnection to Spirit.   It enhances our own self-healing potential.  Mastering this reconnection on an individual level will also aid us in supporting the healing processes of our loved ones and others around us.

Transference Healing® supports us to become more empowered so that we can release ourselves from the struggles that occur in our lives, whether it is a personal spiritual or financial struggle.  It is about enhancing our sense of self-worth to begin to manifest what we feel is important and thereby creates a personal reality that is of the Next Golden Age.  Reconnecting us once more to the sacred energies, teachings and powers of the Goddess, Transference Healing® enhances our ability to master more of the divine gifts and talents that are our birthright.  Through the support, guidance, and procedures that are part of the Transference energy, we can once again personally manifest our ability to embody the light, which enhances our spiritual and physical enlightenment process.

Transference Healing® was channeled by Alexis Cartwright (founder and anchor) in 1999, combining all healing modalities to create a life-changing transformation of healing, empowerment and ascension experience.  It is a divinely magical and alchemical healing vehicle enabling you to release from old redundant patterns, which allows you to embrace new and exciting possibilities.

Is Transference Healing for you?

Want to know if Transference Healing is for you? Do you experience any of the following:

  • Are you feeling tired, unwell, out of balance?
  • Feel overwhelmed
  • You have a lack of direction or clarity
  • Overwhelmed by negative thinking and beliefs
  • Feelings of being stuck
  • Lack self-confidence/belief in yourself
  • Ongoing health issues
  • You often feel unfulfilled
  • You want to change difficult circumstances in your life

Or do you feel like –

  • Something is beginning to awaken in you
  • You want to attain self-mastery
  • You know its time to change and want guidance
  • You want to release blocks that have held you back



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