What Does Healing Really Mean?

What Does Healing Really Mean?

For many years, I have studied and done healing work. The thing that has become very clear to me is that in general people do not really understand what healing means. What I have learned is healing is different than eliminating or suppressing symptoms. It is more than following a healthy diet and lifestyle with plenty of rest.

Healing goes beyond caring for our physical bodies; healing is an awakening to one’s true nature and it is a process. Healing gives you an opportunity to expand your consciousness and have a new understanding of who you are and why you are here.

Human beings are not only physical in nature but rather we are multi-dimensional beings sustained by a complex and geometric etheric template that regulates the function of the body’s emotional, mental and physical health. Because of this, we cannot just heal on a physical level we must heal ourselves holistically to truly heal. Healing is a total mind/body connection; they are not to be worked on separately. When we work with the etheric and electromagnetic systems in the body, an alchemical shift takes place and the body can evolve into a higher frequency. When true healing occurs, we open up ourselves to unlimited possibilities that go beyond the personality. We realize the power is within us and learn how to access it.

To most people, a healing session either worked or it didn’t, rather than seeing it as a process. They seldom take the time to look within and feel if something has shifted within them and surrender to what they need to do next. The key word to healing is “you”. It’s not for anyone else and not based on what others are telling you to do. Learning about you – your wants, needs, desires. Learning to trust in our inner wisdom, to still our mind and see the vision. We often blame everyone else for our problems except us. When the truth is we created our reality no one else. When we change what’s inside us the outside will change. Things happen from the inside out – not the other way around.

Most people look at healing as just another way to fix us but the true meaning of healing is really a journey. A journey into our inner selves, which is as vast as this planet. We are made up of the same elements as this planet and supported by the grid of this planet. When we venture on the journey of healing it has many roads to cross and discover and repair until it becomes a smooth and peaceful ride. This takes work. It is not done by someone waving a magic wand. When you truly heal, your outlook will change, your beliefs may change and the world you create around you will change!

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