2023 Energy Forecast

New Year – New Goals.  What are your goals/resolutions for the New Year?  We hear this every year.  I normally always set up my goals in December for the following year.   I also pick a word of the year as my focus for the upcoming year.  This year was different.  I did not write down goals or pick a word for the year.  I could not understand why I felt this way but I just went with it.

I tuned into the energy to figure out why I was feeling this way.   Here is what I am feeling for the energy of 2023 and some information about the year.

2023 is a number “7” year in Astrology.  It is a number “7” year because 2+0+2+3 = 7.  Seven = spiritual awakening.  Therefore, we will have shifts in how we think, see, and view the world.

In Chinese New Year it is the year of the Rabbit.  This means think carefully before you act to achieve your goals.

There will be huge transformations on the planet on a global level.

Here are some pointers to remember as you work your way through 2023.

  1. Be patient. Slow down.  Pause – contemplate before taking action.  Take one step at a time.  When you need to be supported go out and walk in nature.
  2. Do inner work. Look at yourself – your emotions, reactions, patterns, mindsets.  Do internal house cleaning where needed.  It could mean looking at projections, repeating patterns in your life, things that trigger a reaction in you.
  3. Balance will be a big theme. This means staying in balance with your emotions (related to point #2) and also making sure you are keeping a smooth flow within.  Think of water in a river.  Are there boulders blocking the flow in places or are you running smooth?  Frequency energy healing work can support you with this process.
  4. Since 2023 is a year of personal and spiritual growth, stay true to yourself. Believe in your dreams and desires and act upon them when you feel the timing is correct.  Let go of what no longer works for you to allow the space so you can birth something new.

I hope this helps you understand what the year ahead looks like from an energetic perspective.