The Earth Holds Many Gifts

Summertime –– Oh, how I love that time of year. People come alive, nature blooms and we get to enjoy the beautiful ocean. We once again can uncover our feet that have been keep warm and cozy all winter long and feel the earth again, enjoy the feel of the warm breeze against our skin and watch the birds and all of nature come out and play. People and nature flourish this time of year.

Summer is also the time of year when families with children typically travel. Something as simple as taking a vacation can renew us in so many ways. Have you ever stopped and thought about why this happens? In addition to stepping out of your routine and relaxing, there is often another factor that affects why we feel different after a vacation. The earth and our universe are structured and organized by an intelligent geometric pattern of crystalline frequencies called the Global Grid Matrix, and traveling allows us to connect to the energy of different places.

The Global Grid Matrix is an energetic lattice intersecting at specific points within and around the planet. Many of these grid points (or lay lines) are places where sacred sites are built such as temples, pyramids and stone circles. These connection points disperse energies and create frequency changes in the earth. The electromagnetic energies that resonate from these connection points are absorbed into the energetic system of our bodies and will create a shift/healing in the body.

In my recent travels to Italy, I was reminded by how powerfully these energies can affect you. I traveled from Venice to Florence, Tuscany, Pisa and Lucca to Positano/Capri, to Rome and Assisi and each place had a unique feel to it. All of these places had many temples that were incredible, not only in beauty but also in the feel of them. The most remarkable one was in Assisi where St. Frances is buried. It gave me a feeling of complete peace, as if there was not a thing that mattered in this world other then just to be in that place of peace and knowing that we all hold this incredible beauty within. It filled you with the understanding that everything we need is within ourselves and we are all one with the universe. Both my husband and I walked away from that church with tears in our eyes. My daughter also received a direct healing by absorbing the energy of the place, which stimulated a purification process to clear some old patterns that she held. Our whole family was changed by the experience of traveling to these places.

The next time you travel in addition to enjoying the recharging energy of your vacation, you may want to meditate on “what gift does this place hold for me to receive”. You may find that you too are changed by the places you visit.
New Jersey –– USA