A New Beginning Every Day

Do you ever feel like you do the same thing everyday? Does it feel like today is just an extension of yesterday? Each day when we wake up it’s a new day, a new beginning. Yet many of us continue in yesterday – yesterday’s lessons, yesterday’s problems. Yesterday doesn’t work today; yesterday just helped you make progress in your path of life. Human beings have the potential for exponential growth; yet, most people just do the same thing every day, moving through their day like a robot. Monotonous daily habits keep us asleep and living in the past, in yesterday.

Changes in our life keep us inspired and energized. Try to think and behave a little bit different each day. Start by observing all aspects of your surroundings as you move throughout your day. Notice things like colors, sounds, temperature, how a place feels in your body, and how other people make you feel when you’re in their presence. I have learned that when you start to live life with curiosity, an openness to learn about others and your surroundings, you never get bored. When you allow yourself to open up and participate in life on this level, everywhere you go and everyone you speak to becomes more interesting.

As you communicate with the people in your life, are you hearing them completely when they speak or have
they also become a part of your routine? When we listen to someone we need to slow down, make the inner
space to listen, and become present. Often, words are just a cover up to what truly is going on, but active
listening can give you a much different experience where you can begin to truly understand each other, as it
refocuses your attention from the self to the speaker. Communication on this level is much different, and we are
able to learn so much more.

Active listening can be a fantastic exercise in mindfulness. Begin by letting go of any expectations about the conversation; we should have no agenda’s when listening to another person. Just as we observed our surroundings, pay attention to what you’re feeling when you talk with one another. During a conversation, we get feelings about what is going on in the other person’s mental, emotional, and physical bodies, and at the same time, we feel our own experience. This type of observation allows us to see the people that we deal with every day with new eyes and ears. It is a practice that is well worth the new experience.

The planetary alignments for 2016 are all about change. No longer will we feel content doing things as we always have. We are being pushed to open up to what our souls have been yearning for, making it the perfect time to stop participating in the world as a routine habit. Become more aware of yourself, others and the world around you and see where mindfulness takes you. Perhaps it will lead you to your soul’s desire!

New Jersey –– USA