How is your Mental Wellness?

Here we are in 2023 – it’s quickly flying by!  Did you know that one of the themes for this year is Mental Wellness.  This is because all that is happening in the world and the day to day stressors are becoming overbearing for most people and therefore mental health can become an issue.

How does someone who seems fine one day suddenly become an emotional mess?  I believe it doesn’t happen overnight.  It is usually a series of events that happen and the person’s thoughts begin to go from positive ones to constant doubt, fear, and judgements about everything.  They start to see life in a distorted way.  They pull themselves so far down that it’s hard to change.  They take things personally and this causes them to get unbalanced in the mind.

They may often hear from others to get some rest and you will feel better.  Exercise will help or try to meditate to quiet your mind.  And yes, all those things ease some of the symptoms, but if you can’t get past the thoughts in our heads, those things will not change the state of mind we are in.

So what will help?  We must get past the mindset that created that state.  One thing that will help is practicing self-awareness.  When we have negative thoughts – stop – drop into your heart.  Place your attention on the present moment.  Try to identify your thoughts.  Ask yourself are they true?  Feel into your body.  Is your body tense?  Feel into those tense places and see what you notice.  When we slow down and enter a state of awareness, resolutions can be made and this in turn will help you change your thinking and begin to heal.

The Mental Plane is powerful and we have amazing abilities.  It can also cause us a lot of pain and harm due to our ego.  The ego can keep us stuck and unconscious.

If you need some help, please reach out for support.