Do you live by your Core Values?

I never thought about my personal core values. Yet, I do know what is most important in my life and I normally place the important things first in my daily activities. I now know those important things in my life are my core values!!

How important are core values? Did you know core values influence every aspect of your perceptions, decisions and the actions you take. They basically are the drivers that run your life. When we live by someone else’s values we will become frustrated by our lack of progress and achievement.

Many people say they are not sure what their core values are. I often thought the same way. The best way to find them is by knowing what is truly important to you and what activities and relationships truly nourish you. Some areas to look at are family, social, physical, spiritual, and financial. A great quote by Elvis Presley once said was “values are like fingerprints. Nobody’s are the same, but you leave them all over everything you do.”

Let’s talk about values in business.   Are they different? They most certainly are. In business it is about the customer/client. If you are not fulfilling the needs and higher values of the individuals you’re selling to, there will be no customers.

Business values should be strong and consistent while personal values can change over time.

Here are my core values for my business where I support divorced women, helping them to heal the emotions, pain and memories from that situation so they can have healthier future relationships.

Possibility – I believe we all hold innate abilities that remain hidden from us. Once we unlock those abilities, we can accelerate and live in our greatest joy.

Transformation – I believe the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies all need support to create expansion, love, clarity and personal freedom in our lives.

Empowerment – I believe we all deserve to be in charge of our own lives and not give our power away to others. Building confidence, self-esteem, releasing old beliefs and stuck emotions all help you speak your truth.

Sitting down and thinking about your personal and/or business values is a great exercise to do!