How Transference Healing Helps

My experience with Transference is that it really does create amazing results if you allow yourself to open up to the process.  Healing is different than eliminating or suppressing symptoms.  True healing gives you an opportunity to expand your consciousness and have a new understanding of who you are and why you are here.  The energy of Transference Healing supports you to clear the accumulation of negative thought patterns, emotions, memories, fears, anger, and grief.  You begin to open your heart and feel lighter.  As this happens you have a shift in consciousness and you will have more clarity in your life.  You will feel peaceful and happier.  The shift in consciousness allows you to become less impacted by others and the dynamics around you.  Negative situations will begin to change.  You will become more empowered and start to learn self-love.

Transference Healing sessions allow you to achieve and sustain a consistent level of health, wellness, and longevity through Earth changes.  It also supports the changes necessary to aid our personal healing and growth process in addition to your ascension and mastership process.  It will free you from the burdens and fears stored within the body and consciousness, enabling you to shift and not only into new levels of wellness but also into higher levels of consciousness to obtain unlimited possibility within your reality.

Transference Healing represents the process of the “death” of the old and the “rebirth” of the new.  It creates the technology and alchemical processes for this to happen, transmuting old genetic weaknesses and inner wounding and alchemically creating newfound health, wellness and personal fulfillment.  Transference sessions consist of a series of procedures that work on a multidimensional level to clear genetic restriction within the deeper dimensions of the etheric/physical body.

By working etherically in this way, levels and layers of distortion and inbuilt pain that exist in the etheric blueprint on the subatomic and cellular levels of the body can begin to heal.  You will begin to take the right steps towards improving all aspects of your life including relationships, talents, career, and income.  You will be empowered to become a self-healer and you will start to master on a daily basis; ultimately achieving your highest vision of yourself.

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